Purchasing Crepe Myrtle Trees

Crepe Myrtle Trees are shrubs which you can buy and plant in your backyard. They will transform your backyard into a good looking landscape. There are many arborists available whom you can buy the trees from, but, you should always take your time and look for the best who you can buy from. If possible, you should visit the professionals and see the trees which he has in his tree nursery. There are some professionals who will take good care of the trees in their tree nurseries. Those are the best for you to buy from. You should avoid tree nurseries from where you will find they have a lot of trees that have been affected with diseases. An arborist whom you will ask questions about common Crepe Myrtle Trees disease and he will be in a better position of explaining all the possible diseases will be the best for you to consider buying from. Even if you do not know about the possible diseases, you should carry out your own research before you decide to visit the tree nurseries. This is necessary for you to know when the professionals will offer you the right information and when he will mislead you. The arborist should also have enough information on how to take good care of Crepe Myrtle Trees. You will easily know whether the arborist from where you are about to buy the trees from has the necessary information after you ask him and check on his answers. This will require you to carry out prior research before visiting the arborist with an aim of buying the trees.

Box planter Crepe Myrtle

Tips when Purchasing Crepe Myrtle Trees

Compare prices in different sellers before you decide to buy from one
For you to avoid cases where you will buy trees which will strain your budget, you should consider buying the trees from arborists who will sell to you the trees at fair rates. You will easily know whether the arborist will sell to you the trees at fair rates after you decide to carry out enough research which will enable you know the best sellers. There are some sellers who will have a lot of hidden charges, you should take into consideration the hidden charges for you to avoid cases where you will buy trees which will be expensive at the long last. You should also be careful not to buy from arborist who will sell to you low quality trees. You should ensure the tree nursery of the arborist is free from pests and diseases. There are some pests which will affect the trees. Powdery mildew is also a common type of fungus which will affect the trees. You should check the Crepe Myrtle trees while they are in the tree nursery for you to ensure they have not been affected so that you will buy them. Remember buying trees which have been affected from the tree nursery will lead you to spending a lot when trying to get rid of the infections.


Buy from a tree nursery where you will access all the trees you will like to plant
After carrying out analysis of your backyard, there is a specific number of trees which you will be required to buy so that you will cover the backyard fully. In order to avoid cases where you will be inconvenienced when trying to carry out landscaping in your backyard, you should buy from a tree nursery where you will be offered all the trees. When buying from a single tree nursery it is also advantageous to you because you will be in a better position of bargaining for great deals. There are some tree nurseries from where you can buy a certain number of trees and they will offer you a certain discount. You will end up saving a lot of money after you decide to buy from such tree nurseries. The size of the Crepe Myrtle trees also matters. In order to avoid cases where you will buy seedlings which will dry up after you have transplanted them to your backyard, you should be ready to inspect them and ensure they are of the right size. Buying trees that are of the right size will make your work of caring for them very easy. This is simply because they will have developed enough roots to absorb water which you will use in your irrigation. When buying the trees you should have made the necessary preparations to irrigate them well. This is necessary because failure to irrigate the trees will lead a lot of them to drying before they start growing in your backyard.

Other Services Offered

When Purchasing Crepe Myrtle Trees you should also check on after sales services offered by the sellers. The trees will require special care. If you do not have enough time to take good care of them, then it will be wise for you to buy from sellers who will offer you after sales services. They should be in a better position of recommending for you or they can come to your home and carry out regular checks of the trees so that they will advise you on how you will be required to take good care of the trees. This is necessary because for the Crepe Myrtle Trees to do well in your home you should ensure you have carried out enough pruning and other care for the trees. When planting the trees you should space them well so that each of the trees which you will plant will have enough ingredients which will make it grow well. In order to achieve the best landscaping where you will have beautiful Crepe Myrtle Trees growing in your backyard, you should consider hiring experts who will help you in caring for the trees from the moment you will plant them to the time when you will have beautiful flowers at your backyard. Before you hire any professional, you should ensure he is fully qualified to take good care of the trees.

Crape Myrtle Tree Overview

Crape Myrtle Trees are resourceful ornamental trees that can enhance the aesthetics of your garden. The trees are highly adaptable, making it suitable for decorating any landscape. There are total 50 different species of this plant present in the world, each one unique in their own ways. You can setup any one of them to enrich your garden or any other landscape’s beauty.
However, if you are a complete stranger to growing this plant, finding the right one and growing it can be a tedious job. So to make it easy for you, this article delivers some important facts that you must know before planting this tree in your garden. Along with it, this article also includes the best ways to select and grow these trees.



Crape Myrtle Trees or Crepe Myrtle includes 50 species of evergreen, deciduous trees and shrubs. It is native to Southeast Asia, parts of Oceania, Indian Subcontinent and Northern Australia. Now, it is also being cultivated on huge scales in America and other warm climatic places across the Earth. Lagerstroemia indica is its scientific name and is a member of the Lythraceae family.

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit www.thetreecenter.com.  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.


The Crape Myrtle Trees are mainly popular for their brightly colored and long lasting flowers that occur in the summers. Most of the species of this tree have fluted branches and stem. Some grow as shrubs while some reach lengths ranging from 9 foot tall and 8 foot broad to 25 foot long and 12 foot broad. Some types boast rounded growing methods while some has a much more upright growing technique.

The trees are bestowed with hundreds of vibrant flowers. The flowers grow in many colors which include white, purple, red, pink, lavender and magenta. Each flower measures about 1 to 2 inch and grows in a cluster of 6 to 8 flowers. Some species even have bi-colored flowers while some put on flowers that changes color as they mature.

Most of the Crape Myrtle Trees bears dark green leaves, while some have leaves `with red tinge upon opening. During the time of fall, the leaves of some species turn yellow, orange-red or dark red. Most of these trees have light brown or even gray bark. The bark starts peeling off at the start of summer and continues the process throughout summer and fall. During this time the patches of the underlined new barks appear in orange, dark brown or pale cream shades. However, the leaves fall out at the end of autumn, revealing the colorful and exfoliating barks.

Selecting the best Crape Myrtle Trees

Since these trees are available in all shapes and sizes ranging from dwarf plants and shrubs to towering trees, selecting the right one could be a hard choice. To choose the best plat that would suit your taste and landscape, you must consider the following pointers:
· Species of the plant such as Acoma and Caddo
· Height of the plant
· Natural shape of the plant like shrubs or trees
· Color of the flowers
· Bark exfoliation amount
· The plant’s resistance to diseases
· Weather of the place
· Area of the garden or landscape

Planting Tips

  • Once you have made your decision on the species of the Crape Myrtle Trees to be planted in your garden or preferred landscape, planting the plant properly is the most necessary. Here are some planting tips that would help you with the process –
  • Dig a hole, double the size of the root ball.
  • You must make necessary soil amendments before planting the tree as pockets of high nutrient soil can discourage the roots of the plant from branching outwards.
  • Plant the crape myrtle to the depth level it had in the nursery pot, while backfilling with loosened soil.
  • After planting, water it thoroughly. If it’s in a cool place, water it atleast once a week. However, if it’s planted in hot climatic conditions or in sandy soil, you might have to water it upto five times a week.
  • The Crape Myrtle Trees flowers best when under the sun. So place it under the open sky for six hours for lovely blooms.
  • These plants grow almost in every soil type, as long as it is drained properly. Nonetheless, you can use fertilizers to make the plant more immune to insects and diseases.

These tips of planting and growing Crape Myrtle Trees are tested by expert planters. these are not only effective, but also saves a lot of time and labor. however, it is always recommended that you perform a research on Internet about the various species and their characteristics. for this only will help you select the plant that will meet your expectations and purpose.

Crape Myrtle Varieties

There are about 50 species of Crape Myrtle Trees available. They produce flowers of different colors. Their characteristics differ which make them suitable in homes, especially where you will like to have different types of flowers. The trees tend to do well during summer despite other flowers shedding leaves during the season. The different varieties available vary in the type of flowers that they produce, heights at which they grow up to and their stem sizes. Before you decide to plant one of the trees, you should take your time and study the different varieties available. You may like to plant those that will grow to a certain height, you should always check on the maximum height of a certain species before you decide to plant it.

Purple Crape Myrtle Tree

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit www.thetreecenter.com.  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Here are common Crape Myrtle varieties:

1. Tuscarora Crape Myrtle
It produces pink or light red blooms. If you will like your home to be field with pink or red blooms, then this is the tree for you to plant. There are many tree nurseries available from where you can order the tree. It is upon you to locate them in your neighborhood so that you will get the seedlings. They are easy to take care of and can adapt to different landscapes according to the way you will trim them.

2. Red Rocket Crape Myrtle
These are characterized by bright red blooms. They reach a height of 20 to 30 feet when mature. They flower and maintain the flowers for months before they shed them off. They are among the Crape Myrtle Trees that you can easily grow in your home.

3. Natchez Crape
For those who will like to buy Crape Myrtle Trees which will grow fast, this is among the trees that they can plant. They produce soft white flowers. You can easily have your home colored with beautiful white flowers after you decide to plant the trees. They are very adaptive hence they can grow in different landscapes.

4. Catawba Crape Myrtle
The trees are characterized by purple blooms. After planting the trees you will be assured of beautiful purpose flowers in your garden, but they will shed the flowers during spring. They require low maintenance hence you will not be required to invest heavily in their maintenance after you plant them in your home or any place where you will like to carry out landscaping.

5. Strawberry Dazzle Crape Myrtle
The tree has bright blooms. It is compact in size and easy to maintain. You can decide to plant the tree in your home to enjoy great beauty. The tree is strong hence it will not be affected by strong winds.

6. Black Diamond Crape Myrtle – Best Red
It produces black leaves. In case you will like to have a tree that will stand out in your yard, you can decide to have it. It produces fire red blooms which will make you enjoy your outdoors. You can always access seedlings from your local tree nursery.

7. Pink Velour Crape
It has bright pink flowers and very easy to grow. The tree is draught resistant making it suitable in areas that experience less rainfall.

8. Tonto Crape Myrtle
It has huge flowers which will make your home stay attractive. It is resistant to diseases. If you will like to have a tree which you will not have to invest in pesticides too much, you can opt for tonto crape myrtle.

9. Arapaho Crape Myrtle
This is a bright red crape myrtle. It blooms from spring to fall and can withstand a lot of tree diseases.

10. Dynamite Crape Myrtle
It is deep red in color. It is a tree that you will plant and with little care it will grow and produce great flowers which you will always appreciate in your yard.

11. Muskogee Crape
It will produce Lavender blooms which are very beautiful. The tree usually flowers for about 120 days. This makes it among the best trees that you can plant in case you will like to have flowers for a long period of time in your yard.

There are many varieties of Crape Myrtle Trees available, it is always necessary for you to know your climatic condition and plant one that will do well. You should also go for one that will produce your favorite flower.

Colors Of Crape Myrtle Trees


Crape Myrtle is a beautiful summer trees. They are mostly known for their vibrant flowers, gorgeous barks and the beautiful foliage during the fall. The flowers bloom in large number from mid-summer till the fall. Crape myrtle trees are commonly planted as decorative trees. They are sheer beauty for eyes.

Yellow Crape Myrtle

About Crape Myrtle Trees

The scientific name of Crape Myrtle is Lagerstroemia. The other common name is Crepe Myrtles .It belongs to the Lythraceae family. It is a deciduous, evergreen tree or shrubs. This trees mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, parts of Oceania and northern parts of Australia. It grows best in the summer season. There are varieties of sizes and colors of Crape myrtle trees.

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit www.thetreecenter.com.  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Nowadays you can get wide variety of hybrid Crape myrtle trees those are better disease and cold resistant. They also have unique bark and with increased bloom. The flowers bloom in the summers. Then at the end of the autumn the leaves start falling followed by the exfoliated barks in the winters. The color of Crape myrtle trees vary depending on the types. The color of Crape Myrtle trees includes different shades of red, lavender, pink, violet and white.

Points to remember while choosing crape myrtle trees

There are so many sizes and color of crape myrtle trees to choose from. But to choose right one which will actually fit your purpose it is vital to consider:

  • The exact color of flower you want
  • Height of the tree
  • Shape of the tree you want
  • Disease resistance
  • Cold hardiness( if growing in relatively cold regions)
  • Exfoliation quantity
  • A good site with plenty of sunlight
  • Well drained soil


Steps to plant Crape Myrtle trees?

  • You need to dig a hole of size twice as of the root ball on the crape myrtle.
  • No need to add soil amendments while planting crape myrtles. It can prevent the branches from growing properly.
  • A Crape myrtle tree should be planted at the same depth as it was planted in the pot. Then fill with the loosen soil.
  • The base of you crape myrtle should be applied with 3”-5” of mulch.
  • Watering is a vital part. It should be watered thoroughly after planting. If it is planted in cool weather water once a week. If it is planted in hot weather water five times a week. It is important to water at regular basis for two months for a healthy grow.

Points to know about growing Crape Myrtle trees:

  • Sunlight is very essential for crape myrtle to flower. It must receive sunlight for at least 6 hours daily.
  • It can grow in type of soil; the only requirement is that it must be well drained.
  • Crape myrtle trees grow best in humid climate.
  • Once it grows it can tolerate scarcity of water.
  • It is ideal to add fertilizers in early springs for better growth of carpe myrtles. You should be careful about the amount of the fertilizer. Excessive amount of fertilizer can cause unnecessary leaf growth and a lesser amount of flowers.

Pruning tips:

The growth of crape myrtle trees depend on their sizes. The dwarf kind of crape myrtle generally grows lots of branches. It does not need pruning until they grow disproportionately. The medium and larger sized plants grow small shoots at the base. If you want you may prune them. But these are not all about pruning. You must know when the right time to prune and the method of pruning.

Right time of pruning: it is ideal to prune before growth starts that is during late winter.

Pruning method: pruning can be done in two ways. One, you can either cut the stems at a uniform height every year. The remaining branches are left during the winters which grow beautifully in the springs. It will give you a uniform height but the tree may become more disease prone. Two, the tree is lightly pruned and left with natural shape and size. It has been seen that light pruned crape myrtles grow healthy and flowers more.

If you want a beautifully shaped tree with gorgeous bark then you need to cut off 3-5 trunks. Then the lateral branches at the bottom half of the tree has to be removed. For a better shape make the basic needed cuts and let the plant grow. Then shape over time, do not over prune the trees than required.

Kinds of diseases and their remedies:

Crape myrtles are prone diseases like:

Poor drainage of soil affects Crape myrtles by diseases like “root rot”.

The dark brown spot on the leaves called” leaf spot” which turns the leave yellow and eventually if falls. A general fungicide can prevent such disease.

Aphids caused by the excretion of the pests. It is called “sooty mold”. It can be treated with proper insecticides.

The most common kind of Crape myrtle disease is” powdery mildew”. Any general fungicide can prevent this.


By now you have got to know all the needed information about Crape myrtles. Crape myrtles are easy to maintain and with the above guidelines it will be more helpful for you to maintain such a beautiful plant.

Crape Myrtle Tree Care


Many people love to plant tree in their garden or inside their houses. But the trees that they use to plant in gardens and courtyards have to be beautiful. The beautiful tree named Crape Myrtle is quite popular because of its stunning beauty. It looks attractive with the summer flowers and peeling bark. Growing this tree is not a big issue and even with a little Crape Myrtle tree care it can grow wonderfully. If you choose the right location for this tree then it will go easily and properly.

White Crape Myrtle Tree

Things To Know While Planting

Planting crape myrtle is not a big issue. It is more or less like planting other trees or shrubs. It needs a sunny location for growing healthy and properly. It can adapt to most of the soils so there are no special criteria for the soil needed. But it cannot grow well in the damp areas. A well drained soil which gets enough sunlight is enough for these plants to grow the beautiful and amazing summer flowers.

If you have planted crape myrtle recently, then make sure that you are watering the roots properly. Even you will not need fertilizers too. If you want to use then go for a soil test. It will make clear whether or not you need to provide fertilizers for its growth. The best pH condition of the soil for the growth of crape myrtle is 5.0 – 6.0. People love this crape myrtle tree as you don’t have to take too much care. They are quite adoptable and adjustable to almost all situations. But then also there are few things that you should keep in mind and take care of it.

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit www.thetreecenter.com.  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Sizes Of Crape Myrtle Tees
There are different sizes of crape myrtle. You can get these plants even in dwarf size or semi-dwarf size. The dwarf size crape myrtles are usually 3 feet tall and the normal ones can reach up to 30 feet in height. Medium sized trees can grow up to 12 to 15 feet and are perfect for your garden area. So, before you buy you have to know the exact height it will reach after getting fully matured.

You can plant the dwarf or semi dwarf ones inside your house and the larger ones in your lawn or backyard. You can grow the dwarf or semi dwarf crape myrtles in containers and it can give bright pink blooms. These look really great and that is why people often use these trees for decorating their houses. You can use it for decorating inside the house or even outside the house. But you have to take Crape Myrtle tree care properly.

How To Take Care of Crape Myrtles

Here are some of the points for you by which you can take a proper care of the crape myrtle. These are –
· These crape myrtles are quite prone too powdery mildew and sooty moulds. Here lies the difficulty as you have to check often and with an organic spray it can be cured.
· Pruning should be done very carefully. Severe pruning can lead to the damage of the entire tree. The right time for pruning is late winter. Don’t cut the branches unnecessarily.
· Gently cut and remove the growing branches. Don’t do too much so that it loses all the beauty and attractiveness. It is for decorating your house and garden. If you prune too much then the natural beauty will be gone.
· Spraying of Neem oil and insecticidal soaps at a regular interval overall the tree will be beneficial from any attacks by insects and molds.

These are the few Crape Myrtle tree care that you have to take to ensure a proper and healthy growth of the plant. You must remember that these trees are especially for beautifying the houses and gardens. So do not chop or prune the branches too often. These trees are quite popular in the southern landscapes. Southern gardeners love this tree and plant it too often.


So, if you want to decorate your house beautifully with the crape myrtle trees then take care of them too. The bright pink blooms will start blooming after 1 or 2 years of planting the trees. So, with a proper Crape Myrtle tree care you will get to see the best results and make your house look bright and beautiful.