Colors Of Crape Myrtle Trees


Crape Myrtle is a beautiful summer trees. They are mostly known for their vibrant flowers, gorgeous barks and the beautiful foliage during the fall. The flowers bloom in large number from mid-summer till the fall. Crape myrtle trees are commonly planted as decorative trees. They are sheer beauty for eyes.

Yellow Crape Myrtle

About Crape Myrtle Trees

The scientific name of Crape Myrtle is Lagerstroemia. The other common name is Crepe Myrtles .It belongs to the Lythraceae family. It is a deciduous, evergreen tree or shrubs. This trees mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, parts of Oceania and northern parts of Australia. It grows best in the summer season. There are varieties of sizes and colors of Crape myrtle trees.

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Nowadays you can get wide variety of hybrid Crape myrtle trees those are better disease and cold resistant. They also have unique bark and with increased bloom. The flowers bloom in the summers. Then at the end of the autumn the leaves start falling followed by the exfoliated barks in the winters. The color of Crape myrtle trees vary depending on the types. The color of Crape Myrtle trees includes different shades of red, lavender, pink, violet and white.

Points to remember while choosing crape myrtle trees

There are so many sizes and color of crape myrtle trees to choose from. But to choose right one which will actually fit your purpose it is vital to consider:

  • The exact color of flower you want
  • Height of the tree
  • Shape of the tree you want
  • Disease resistance
  • Cold hardiness( if growing in relatively cold regions)
  • Exfoliation quantity
  • A good site with plenty of sunlight
  • Well drained soil


Steps to plant Crape Myrtle trees?

  • You need to dig a hole of size twice as of the root ball on the crape myrtle.
  • No need to add soil amendments while planting crape myrtles. It can prevent the branches from growing properly.
  • A Crape myrtle tree should be planted at the same depth as it was planted in the pot. Then fill with the loosen soil.
  • The base of you crape myrtle should be applied with 3”-5” of mulch.
  • Watering is a vital part. It should be watered thoroughly after planting. If it is planted in cool weather water once a week. If it is planted in hot weather water five times a week. It is important to water at regular basis for two months for a healthy grow.

Points to know about growing Crape Myrtle trees:

  • Sunlight is very essential for crape myrtle to flower. It must receive sunlight for at least 6 hours daily.
  • It can grow in type of soil; the only requirement is that it must be well drained.
  • Crape myrtle trees grow best in humid climate.
  • Once it grows it can tolerate scarcity of water.
  • It is ideal to add fertilizers in early springs for better growth of carpe myrtles. You should be careful about the amount of the fertilizer. Excessive amount of fertilizer can cause unnecessary leaf growth and a lesser amount of flowers.

Pruning tips:

The growth of crape myrtle trees depend on their sizes. The dwarf kind of crape myrtle generally grows lots of branches. It does not need pruning until they grow disproportionately. The medium and larger sized plants grow small shoots at the base. If you want you may prune them. But these are not all about pruning. You must know when the right time to prune and the method of pruning.

Right time of pruning: it is ideal to prune before growth starts that is during late winter.

Pruning method: pruning can be done in two ways. One, you can either cut the stems at a uniform height every year. The remaining branches are left during the winters which grow beautifully in the springs. It will give you a uniform height but the tree may become more disease prone. Two, the tree is lightly pruned and left with natural shape and size. It has been seen that light pruned crape myrtles grow healthy and flowers more.

If you want a beautifully shaped tree with gorgeous bark then you need to cut off 3-5 trunks. Then the lateral branches at the bottom half of the tree has to be removed. For a better shape make the basic needed cuts and let the plant grow. Then shape over time, do not over prune the trees than required.

Kinds of diseases and their remedies:

Crape myrtles are prone diseases like:

Poor drainage of soil affects Crape myrtles by diseases like “root rot”.

The dark brown spot on the leaves called” leaf spot” which turns the leave yellow and eventually if falls. A general fungicide can prevent such disease.

Aphids caused by the excretion of the pests. It is called “sooty mold”. It can be treated with proper insecticides.

The most common kind of Crape myrtle disease is” powdery mildew”. Any general fungicide can prevent this.


By now you have got to know all the needed information about Crape myrtles. Crape myrtles are easy to maintain and with the above guidelines it will be more helpful for you to maintain such a beautiful plant.