Crape Myrtle Tree Care


Many people love to plant tree in their garden or inside their houses. But the trees that they use to plant in gardens and courtyards have to be beautiful. The beautiful tree named Crape Myrtle is quite popular because of its stunning beauty. It looks attractive with the summer flowers and peeling bark. Growing this tree is not a big issue and even with a little Crape Myrtle tree care it can grow wonderfully. If you choose the right location for this tree then it will go easily and properly.

White Crape Myrtle Tree

Things To Know While Planting

Planting crape myrtle is not a big issue. It is more or less like planting other trees or shrubs. It needs a sunny location for growing healthy and properly. It can adapt to most of the soils so there are no special criteria for the soil needed. But it cannot grow well in the damp areas. A well drained soil which gets enough sunlight is enough for these plants to grow the beautiful and amazing summer flowers.

If you have planted crape myrtle recently, then make sure that you are watering the roots properly. Even you will not need fertilizers too. If you want to use then go for a soil test. It will make clear whether or not you need to provide fertilizers for its growth. The best pH condition of the soil for the growth of crape myrtle is 5.0 – 6.0. People love this crape myrtle tree as you don’t have to take too much care. They are quite adoptable and adjustable to almost all situations. But then also there are few things that you should keep in mind and take care of it.

Buying Crape Myrtle Trees

You can buy Crape Myrtle Trees almost anywhere.  If you’ like to buy crape myrtles online please visit  You’ll find a wide variety of colors, sizes all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Sizes Of Crape Myrtle Tees
There are different sizes of crape myrtle. You can get these plants even in dwarf size or semi-dwarf size. The dwarf size crape myrtles are usually 3 feet tall and the normal ones can reach up to 30 feet in height. Medium sized trees can grow up to 12 to 15 feet and are perfect for your garden area. So, before you buy you have to know the exact height it will reach after getting fully matured.

You can plant the dwarf or semi dwarf ones inside your house and the larger ones in your lawn or backyard. You can grow the dwarf or semi dwarf crape myrtles in containers and it can give bright pink blooms. These look really great and that is why people often use these trees for decorating their houses. You can use it for decorating inside the house or even outside the house. But you have to take Crape Myrtle tree care properly.

How To Take Care of Crape Myrtles

Here are some of the points for you by which you can take a proper care of the crape myrtle. These are –
· These crape myrtles are quite prone too powdery mildew and sooty moulds. Here lies the difficulty as you have to check often and with an organic spray it can be cured.
· Pruning should be done very carefully. Severe pruning can lead to the damage of the entire tree. The right time for pruning is late winter. Don’t cut the branches unnecessarily.
· Gently cut and remove the growing branches. Don’t do too much so that it loses all the beauty and attractiveness. It is for decorating your house and garden. If you prune too much then the natural beauty will be gone.
· Spraying of Neem oil and insecticidal soaps at a regular interval overall the tree will be beneficial from any attacks by insects and molds.

These are the few Crape Myrtle tree care that you have to take to ensure a proper and healthy growth of the plant. You must remember that these trees are especially for beautifying the houses and gardens. So do not chop or prune the branches too often. These trees are quite popular in the southern landscapes. Southern gardeners love this tree and plant it too often.


So, if you want to decorate your house beautifully with the crape myrtle trees then take care of them too. The bright pink blooms will start blooming after 1 or 2 years of planting the trees. So, with a proper Crape Myrtle tree care you will get to see the best results and make your house look bright and beautiful.